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We are experienced in techniques that lead to effective dispute resolution and adopt a management approach in order to minimize legal risk . We provide business, civil and administrative legal services to various Multinationals, Greek financial and commercial companies, and individual clients. , We also have a skilled debt collection department with an extensive network of litigators, notaries and bailiffs.


Substantiated results due to our excellent experience in litigation issues and legal consultancy services.

Effective legal planning and control resulting in the achievement of objectives and strong relationships with external bodies in private, public and local sectors.

An in depth understanding of negotiation processes.

Efficient advocacy in alternative dispute resolutions.

Excellent and committed relations with our clients and other collaborators (lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, experts, neutrals).

Confidentiality, respect of human rights, and values based on the Code of Ethics for lawyers and ADR facilitators.

Timely completion of projects , always within budget.

Our office is a member of the International Association of Lawyers and the World Forum of Mediation Centers.


The billing policy of our office is either time-based, or on the basis of a flat rate per year, per month or per case according to the type of the services. The billing includes an analysis of services per day, per attorney and per case. All the accruing expenses, costs, duties or any other kind of charges and/or amounts in relation with our legal services are displayed in a separate category in our invoices under “expenses” and are charged separately after analysis.


The office makes use of modern and sophisticated equipment and software in order to enhance the security of information exchange within it’s premises. Wired and wireless security mechanisms are in place to provide isolation from guest, public networks, as well as connections to the internet for online services (online data-banks, libraries and search engines).

Each and every of our computers is fully and daily backed up in network attached storage devices, as well as in online backup destinations (dedicated cloud service).

The use of printers and various peripherals is network-based in order to avoid any kind of local conflicts with client computers. The firm highly encourages the use of voip telecommunications and services as far as real-time conferencing with collaborators is concerned so that we eliminate errors in communication as well as the time needed to access our peers in case of emergency occasions.

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